Whey fed pork and cheesemaking is a traditional partnership- the famous Prosciutto di Parma comes from pigs fed the whey from Parmigiano-Reggiano cheesemaking.

Without pigs the hundred or so gallons of whey we produce each week would be a problematic waste product; instead, we turn it into delicious sausage, salami and pork chops. The whey provides an excellent protein source for the pigs, and the active bacteria in the whey help to ferment the non GMO grain they eat to make it easier to digest. Combined with the various grass and forbe species in our pasture this makes for a fantastic diet, leading to delicious, nutritious pork!

We currently offer pork chops, spare ribs, bacon, a variety of gourmet sausages, traditionally cured salamis, and leaf lard for sale in our farm store.